New Land Rover Defender

It’s looking like we’ll be seeing the new Land Rover Defender roll off the production lines in early 2020 over 4 years after the iconic off-roader was last built.

The new model is expected to be every bit as tough as its predecessor but with expectations that the basic look & feel to the vehicle will be gone replaced with a much more modern version packed full of off-road technology designed to keep it going in all conditions.

It’s a given we will get a Defender Sport model, with body styles offered in a long wheelbase five door & a short wheelbase 3 door & also the possibility that we will eventually see pick-up truck & convertible versions. The rumours circling also suggest that an electric version could be in the pipeline in 2024.

We can expect the Sport version to be more suited to on-road & lifestyle design with plenty of additional features available whilst the entry level models will follow a more traditional off-road workhorse.

Prices are expected to start in the £45,000 region for basic models with the highest spec versions heading towards £70,000, with more details expected to be revealed over the course of the year.